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NAKED 7: Ultra Light Blonde | Naked
NAKED 7: Ultra Light Blonde | Naked

NAKED 7: Ultra Light Blonde | Naked

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Size: 2oz | 58g


  • NAKED 7: Medium Blonde | Naked 

Product Features: #Hairbesties, the Naked collection consists of 3 NEW Demi-Permanent shades that deliver cool tones with a warm reflection giving you a soft, powder-like finish.

#Hairbestie Tip: If you want warmer naked tones, you can deposit on a level 8-9. If you want cooler naked tones, deposit on a level 9-10 varying your shade level and canvas applied on.  

Unique Formulas:

  • Blushing Naked: #Hairbestie, these shades are great for intermixing with the Rose Gold Series for a blushing effect. 
  • Variations of Naked: You can intertwine the Natural Ice Series for variations of naked tones.
  • Burst of Drama: Add Dual Booster COLOR MAX Pink Glow for a burst of unexpected drama.
  • Natural Pearl: For an iridescent look, mix with the Dusty Lavender Series to give off a unique natural pearl tone.

Instructions for Use: #Hairbestie, mix one part Demi-Permanent Color Crème with two parts Demi-Permanent Developer 6V (1:2), and apply color. Process for 5-25 minutes. For more opaque coverage, I recommend mixing one part Demi-Permanent Color Crème with one part Demi-Permanent Developer (1:1).

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