Demi-Permanent Silver Smoke


Size: 2oz | 58g


  • 6SS: Dark Blonde | Silver Smoke
  • 8SS: Blonde | Silver Smoke
  • 10SS: Ultra Light Blonde | Silver Smoke

Product Features: #Hairbesties, achieve the silver hair of your dreams! You can also use Silver Smoke to control warmth on natural hair when you desire maximum control of any brass. Offers a subtle iridescent violet to control yellow in the hair without the fear of the silver turning blue or green.

#Hairbestie Tip: Always process on dry hair for the full 25 minutes for maximum longevity in silver color.

Instructions for Use: #Hairbestie, mix one part Demi-Permanent Color Crème with two parts Demi-Permanent Developer 6V (1:2), and apply color. Process for 5-25 minutes. For more opaque coverage, I recommend mixing one part Demi-Permanent Color Crème with one part Demi-Permanent Developer (1:1).